Chris Abbruzzese

Owner/Marketing Manager

Chris's 30+ years of expertise in marketing and sales has given Double Z a platform to offer its products, grow sustainably, and bring its message to consumers. His vision has pushed Double Z to grow beyond a farm, becoming a steward to both land and community. Striving to reconnect people with the earth and where their food comes from, Chris established the ZZ Farm Dinner - a place for guests to meet the producers of the locally sourced ingredients. When not coming up with the next big ZZ idea, Chris can often be found on the water, either out for a sail or a ski.

Kate Ault-Abbruzzese


Kate is passionate about raising sheep in a low-stress, caring environment. Thanks to her rural upbringing, Kate values working outdoors and in harmony with the seasons. Spring is crazy but joyous as she practices her midwife skills and watches newborn lambs frolic with their moms. Raking hay with her Belgian draft team is the highlight of the summer, while fall brings shorter days and the need to move lambs daily to keep them on fresh grass. Yuma, her border collie, is a big help in this regard, though we are not sure who enjoys working outside more, Yuma or Kate!

Matteo Abbruzzese

Founding Ranch/Cattle Manager

A true cowboy, Teo loves being around horses and cattle. He first studied Animal Science at Cornell University and played for the school's nationally-ranked polo team. In 2010, Teo transferred to Colorado State to focus on ranch management, graduating with a Master's in Agriculture. While out West, Teo cowboyed and trained on a couple big Wyoming spreads. After helping found the Double Z, Teo has returned to his western roots at the Mountain Sky and West Creek Ranches near Emigrant, Montana. Fortunately, we have him on speed dial for all things Maine farming.