grass fed cattle

At Double Z, we know that if our herd is happy and healthy, it will translate to great tasting meat. That's why our highest priroity is treating our Devon-cross cattle humanely, making sure they have only the best grass to eat, and never using supplemental growth hormones or antibiotics in their feed.

Double Z combines traditional Western practices with ‘management intensive rotational grazing.’ We move critters daily. By rotating often, the grass regenerates quickly, keeping our pastures lush and tasty.
— Matteo Abbruzzese, ZZ Ranch Manager

grass-fed Sheep

The Double Z flock is right at home on our Turner farm. They're Katahdin sheep, a meat breed which is native to Maine. They love grazing the pastures and are antibiotic- and hormone-free. Katahdin are hardy, adaptable, low-maintenance sheep with lean, mild-flavored meat.

These sheep don't produce a fleece, so we don't need to shear them. Katahdin ewes are exceptional mothers and lamb easily; when the lambs are born, they're active and hopping right away. We have recently crossed the Katahdin's with a Dorper sheep breed. Another hair sheep, the Dorper brings heavier muscling and continued grass-fed efficiency to our Katahdin flock.

pasture-raised Chicken

2016 marked Double Z's first year of offering pasture-raised poultry to our Maine customers. The pasture-raised model meshes well with the rotational grazing plan already in place. We raise a Red Ranger poultry breed as they perform well on pasture and produce a high-quality carcass and flavor. Along with meat birds, we have also have layers. Pick up a whole chicken and farm fresh eggs at the ZZ Mercantile.