How do i order?

Stopping into the Mercantile, email, or phone are the best ways to get ahold of us and express your interest in buying bulk. To get the ball rolling, we help you complete a cut sheet to be sure you know what you will be getting upon delivery. At that point, we ask for a 50% deposit on beef wholes and halves, and on lamb wholes - we do not require a deposit on beef quarters.

What's the cost?

We price our bulk orders on a hanging weight basis. This spreads the cost across all cuts and streamlines the process. All our prices include processing, vacuum sealing and flash freezing - the price you see is the price you pay.

Bulk Beef Prices

Bulk Lamb Prices

Whole- $4.90/lb
HW ~725 lbs

Half- $4.95/lb
HW ~362.5 lbs
Total- $1,794.38

Quarter- $5.00/lb
HW ~181.25 lbs
Total- $906.25

Whole- $7.00/lb
HW ~50 lbs
Total- $350

Half- $7.00/lb
HW ~25 lbs
Total- $175

What do I get?

The range of cuts can varies. The benefit of working closely with us and our butcher is that we can tailor the cut sheet to your carnivorous whims. For example - if you're not into crock pots, but love to grill and barbecue, we can make it so you receive more steaks, more ground, and fewer roasts.

Using a standard cut, the average beef half comes with:

Chuck Roast (1) ~3.5 lbs total
Top Round Roast (2) ~5.5 lbs
Bottom Round Roast (2) ~5.5 lbs
Eye Round Roast (1) ~2.5 lbs
Yankee Neck Pot Roast (1) ~3.5 lbs
Face Rump Roast (1) ~3.5 lbs

Chuck Steak (4) ~3.5 lbs total
Ribeye/Delmonico Steak (9) ~7 lbs
Porterhouse Steak (4) ~5.5 lbs
T-Bone Steak (5) ~6 lbs
Tenderloin Steak (3)  ~2 lbs
NY Sirloin Steak (3) ~5.5 lbs
Top Round Steak (3) ~4 lbs
Flank Steak (1) ~1 lb
London Broil (4) ~3.5 lbs
Skirt Steak (1) ~.75 lb
Sirloin Tips (2) ~2 lbs
Beef Kabobs (3) ~3 lbs
Short Cut Rump Steak (1) ~1.75 lbs

Ground (55) ~56 lbs total
Short Ribs (4) ~8.5 lbs
Brisket (2) ~6 lbs
Cross-cut Shank (4) ~4 lbs
Stew (4) ~5 lbs
Liver (4) ~4 lbs
Heart/Tongue on request

Total Retail Weight: 165-175 lbs

Using a standard cut, the average whole lamb comes with:

Leg of Lamb (2) ~8 lbs total
Shoulder Roasts (2) ~8 lbs
--- can substitute kebabs, stew, or ground
Racks of Lamb (2) ~2.5 lbs
--- can substitute rib chops
Loin Chops (6) ~4 lbs
Shanks (4) ~1 lb
Ground (1) ~1 lb
Stew (1) ~1 lb
Liver (1) ~1 lb
Heart/Kidney on request

Total Retail Weight: 25-30 lbs

will it fit in my freezer?

Beef - A whole beef requires about 26 cubic feet of freezer space, a half will fill close to 13 cubic feet of freezer, while you should allow 7 cubic feet for a quarter of beef.
Lamb - A whole lamb will only take up about 2 cubic feet of your freezer.